Heavily involved with updating the Seamless brand by developing an extensive visual language through the use of iconography, patterns, and typographic treatments.

- Art directed campaigns for Crave Awards, How New York Eats, and Seamless Summer Camp by creating various forms of content including micro sites, facebook pages, invitations, emails, on/off site ads and digital display ads
- Project-managed and hired designers and developers for individual campaigns
- Optimized SEO strategies for micro sites
- Developed a brand identity and visual voice for Seamless Boost.
- Responsible for design and concept development for advertising, marketing programs, and social media campaigns which included: direct mailers, billboards, emails, station domination poster ads, half branded train ads, facebook mini campaigns, micro sites, video shorts, digital video ads, NYC Metro cover ads.

Above are a few of my favorite projects... as well as a few that never made it past development...


 Sr Art Director / Sr Design Lead